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July Basic Thanks

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July Basic Thanks

Postby bitofall » Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:29 am

a huge thank you to Andy for running an amazing even for us basics, it was honestly one of the most fun events I've taken part in so far xD

the monsters get my deepest thanks and respect, some of the roles and costumes must have been murder in the weather we had but they always played those roles well and surprisingly energetically =) I also want to thank the monsters for putting up with my total inability to keep track of hits when they start flying fast, I'll be trying to get better at this so I will hopefully be better by the next time I play.

Finally I'd like to thank the party, you were a fun group to run with and the youngster were surprisingly good at there roles.

Memorable moments:

defeating an "Illurian"
the weird creatures we came across with their sundry effects
the scream of terror of our princess when the scarecrow came alive just as no one was paying attention
the kids excitement at bellowing time in at the top of their lungs after each battle boards
Dave being taught the lesson of "always keep the ref happy" xD
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Re: July Basic Thanks

Postby sebsmith » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:22 am

Thanks to Andy, Tom, the rest of the monster crew and the players from Jo and I for a great fun 8 hour event. We had a brilliant time despite the murderous heat, and look forward to more of the 8 hour events to some!


  • Being an unconvincing Illurian trying to demand money with menaces.
  • Players dobbing in Darren for buying stolen goods.
  • Seeing how enthusiastic the kids were about the whole thing.
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Re: July Basic Thanks

Postby AndyK » Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:27 am

I would like to thank all the monsters for doing a wonderful job in such heat, Thomas for helping with the plotting and running and the party for putting up with what we put them through. My own high-light is not running over my toe with a full wheely bin (nearly pulling my toenail off) until just AFTER the event...
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