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May Thanks

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May Thanks

Postby m!g » Sat May 24, 2014 10:32 am

Wanted to thank Seb, Ant, the monsters and the players for a fantastic (if slightly exhausting) event.

Highs for me were:
- The Shoggoth. Truly terrifying gibbering from Dave/Ant and if you have seen the pictures from Luke, imagine only seeing glimpses of tentacles and the sound of crashing coming behind you in the pitch black.
- The Supayin games. "The Protectorate never cheat...oh no, never" :roll:
- Chief Big Knob and the look on Ruth's face when Alex grabbed her to invite her into his harem
- Chatting around the Fire pit
- Honest Larry, Clarabelle, Furball and all the other memorable characters that gave the event that edge of believability
- The awesome makeup, effects and props

And some interesting bits:
- Being sent into the naughty corner at the Silver Twilight Lodge
- Alex's face when her Skeletal warrior was taken out by 3 year old rules (sorry Alex)
- Hot weather + Heavy plate/chainmail + lots of running around + being outnumbered by monsters 2:1
- Being very, very tired at the end of each day
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