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February Event

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February Event

Postby AndyK » Thu Feb 27, 2014 5:05 pm

Many thanks Seb and Alex for running an event that I really enjoyed. The role playing was excellent throughout, with plenty of laughs and some really scary fights thrown in.
* Mrs Whittle and her roving feline
* missing underwear and dancers wearing such items
* the embodiments
* the in-character party discussions
* the final fight when the Evil Sphere embodiments of hate and murder wanting me to pledge to them since I was "hating so much and doing a good job murdering...."
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Re: February Event

Postby sebsmith » Thu Feb 27, 2014 5:50 pm

I would like to post an enormous thanks to my group of enthusiastic and hard working monsters, as well a Alex for Ass-Reffing and Jo for working in my costume sweatshop! I really enjoyed running the dungeon, and it's taken me until tonight to recover!

Favourite bits:

  • Loki's personal encounter...
  • After the party's return on Saturday night - Elliott: I've got the second most power in the party... I've got 6... :D
  • Listening to Farakeen read stories to Clairie-Bell
  • Watching the heroism of the party as they faced down wave after wave of Hissard; FARAKEEN: "Run! You have to run! I'll stay here!" GAITE: "I'm not leaving a fallen party member! We have to get to Gurak!" - Beautful moment!
  • Mrs Whittle...
  • Mrs Whittle's Pussy...
  • Pants on head...
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Re: February Event

Postby Stephen Cahill » Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:00 pm

First, A thanks to Seb, Ant and the scarily efficient monster crew who ran a fantastic event where i'm pretty sure I was scared 95% of time and laughing the other 5% :)

My Personal Highlights

Missing out on selflessness because they got to it first and then actively hugging the pledge while thinking how surrounded I was.
About an hours worth of in character debate with 2 heroes trying to justify the intention of going to the Anti-paladins and murdering them to an innocent goblin who couldn't grasp the concept that sometimes people need killing, and Loki ending the conversation by getting passionate and scaring the hell out of Gaite, before offering to train him.
Meeting an old friend "innocence" and thinking yay I understand plot for once (and having tried to murder innocence as another character)
Saving Alex the Cat :)
Having more power than Farakeen and STILL managing to run out.
Having a lovely in character chat with the Anti-Paladin and Seer of the Heroquest Group, and getting a compliment on gaites cure moral vocals when trying to help them :)

Things that made Gaite sad (and me laugh):

Murdering the poor single member of the assentation for no reason at all...
Losing an arm Sunday morning
Giving away chocolate in order to try and get a peaceful resolution, and failing to get that and being out of pocket in chocolate...

Great event, its even fun being nice :) Looking forward to the next one :D

Again, I can't thank Seb, Ant and all the monsters for managing to run an event that awesome.
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Re: February Event

Postby Tiny » Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:11 pm

Huge thanks to Seb and Alex. And the huge monster crew for a great event. Throughyly enjoyed it and still recovering.

personal helights where.

Doing evil things whilst the party was unawear. very difficult but so much fun.
Have an nice discussion with the other group about murdering the selflessness people/starting to murder them.
Fighting Dave and all the ammusment that went with it in everyfight particually when he threw his sword away.......
Having hate and murder come talk to me in the middle of throatslitting the anti paladins. that was a nice 10 second decision.
Genually fighiting for my life for most of that event.
Shouting at the end at Faraceam about respect and lokie standing straight infront of me.
Pressing every red button I could find and seeing some supprised monsters faces for it.
And fighting Matt McD doing spet and my life bouncing around the 3 and 6 mark..... tough but very fun.
absolutely the best event iv ever been on so far. thanks for a great event.
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Re: February Event

Postby Alex » Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:06 pm

Late response from me

thank you seb for the random waffle plotting the encounters via hangout.
Thanks to the huge crew we had for doing some solid fights and RP.

High lights

Nathan being all loving and caring in the 'this is the hard encounter'and avoiding a fight despite HQ trying to assist the parties cause.

Mrs Whittle

Her advice to the young lovers...


the hissard rolling fight... oh no its Loki again.

being tired lots

overall tho a bloody good event
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