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Solstice thanks!

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Solstice thanks!

Postby Alex » Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:12 pm

Huge Thank you to Seb and Jem!!

I was dubious Friday evening but I'm sorry I ever doubted you! It was amazing, bat shit crazy fun.

Food - yum.
Morgol Wraiths!! (clean pants please!)
the item cards
the 'fake' battleboard
the representation of the various refs
the tunnel
'Mr Hanky'
the 'Seb wig'

I don't think I've laughed so long or so hard for such a long time. Thank you
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Re: Solstice thanks!

Postby Tomothy » Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:13 pm

T'was a true silly solstice. Feking amazing.

"STICK!" and the subsequent dissolution of the 'real-real' Seb.
Causing adult onset diabetes in Mig via one hot chocolate that contained, over its life, around 12 large marshmallows half a dozen small ones, and one Cadbury's creme egg.
Bear and Coal wondering just how far the Ref-Uh-Reys were willing for us/wanted us to do, and getting severely kicked out of the monster base.
After saving my weaknesses and occasional disintegrates for living targets, going through an entire day slowly using my level four slots to finally mem, regain a day's worth and blow them all in the next fight (the 'Seb ref' fight).
Making plans with several of the players to have the Asylum utterly destroyed.
Making plans with several of the players to have the entire species of dark goblins wiped out (except Coal).
The food. My god, the wonderful food.
The colon tunnel and Coals willing dive head-first into it.
The monsters rush to light all the candles in the building on the Friday night followed by my mass extinguish.
Bear and coal working on slaughtering as many local peasants until we got bored. (Farakeen may have tried to tell us not to do it as well).

Being unable to talk
The brain fuck of the Friday night as everyone tried to wrap their minds around the, what? we can see the refs? and interact with them? Who? Is this a time freeze? Is what? Who? Why? Aggghghhhhh!!!
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Re: Solstice thanks!

Postby sebsmith » Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:56 am

Unreserved thanks are due from myself to Carole and Hannah for cooking and keeping the place tidy (I move that we insist that they attend all events in the future) and to our unbelievable team of monsters who went above and beyond what we could have expected of them! No matter how weird, derranged or unhinged the roles we gave them they stepped into the breech with enthusiasm and energy and really made things happen!

Also, I would like to give thanks to the players; We know we misjudged Friday (with hindsight, maybe dropping fundamental bombshells about the nature of reality and meta-reality after a day at work, a long drive and beer a-plenty wasn't best done on Friday night!) but we hope we redeemed ourselves with Saturday and Sunday!

My favourite bits:
  • The Image of Bear opening a can of cider like a had grenade and throwing it at the DUM picket line, who dropped their posters and ran to catch it like a slavering horde will live with me forever... I broke... :lol:
  • Dave Beard's oh-so-accurate portrayal of me (which I still maintain was actually more like me than I am!)
  • Planning with the monster crew how we could twist your devious plan to get thousands of points and millions of dragons... The Nictar points catalogue was a work of lunacy! :)
  • The players' oh-so-imaginative uses of some of the meta-items; You used them way more effectively than we'd imagined! :D
  • Reading the reports you wrote for Clearly Spoke - The Belles' and Val 'Eth's reports particularly creased me up! :lol:
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Re: Solstice thanks!

Postby Jem » Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:28 pm

I would like to add my thanks to the mix.

Carol and Hannah - a wonderful meal, which just seemed to have 2nds, 3rds and more...- there was much happy groaning and consensus for no fighting for a while after that- Superb!

Thanks of course to the Monstars who bought into our insanity, who were kind with their interpretations of the Ref-Uh-Rees - except maybe Loudest Laugh & Mr Beard, where the gloves were off. And of course for their contributiuons to the ongoing madness of Saturday night.

Cheers to the Playars who braved many meta, pseudo & para levels of reality - and even brought some of their crazy back with them, Ja! Thanks for hanging in there :D

Finally a big thanks to Seb for bringing the crazy and holding some of my own in check! If Seb's saying - "Hmm that might push them too far..." you know you're on the right track ;)

The reports :lol:

A player's little shocked look of 'I don't know what's going on make it stop' - when the ref's imposed on time out.

The gentle reveals of which Ref the party would find next - tea n tunnocks and beer n fizzymakegood.

The poo golem.
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Re: Solstice thanks!

Postby m!g » Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:44 pm

I'd also like to thank Seb and Jem, the monsters and the players for a fab time.

Very special thanks to Carol and Hannah for restoring my energy levels with a fantastic meal, mince pies and hot chocolate (although next time I won't sit next to Coal and a bag of marshmallows...)

High's for me were:
- The way the plot took the mickey out of refs, monsters and players all at the same time
- Some seriously tough fights (especially the "Jem" fight and the Gavin fight)
- Having rules for breaking the rules
- Fifi baiting and then realising that Fifi was actually a 7 foot were-poodle
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Re: Solstice thanks!

Postby Tomothy » Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:11 pm

Oooo. The reminds me of another awesome moment during the Poo fight.

Super-Bear came over and cast "Finger of Death" on fifi, only to have Ruth Rules Lawyer Fifi out of danger.

Best use of rule breaking rules - for PvP action ;)
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Re: Solstice thanks!

Postby AndyK » Tue Dec 17, 2013 8:14 pm

Seb. a super event!
It took a while to get my head round what was happening, but once I did...
The party Lurgo baiting and feeding my paranoia, causing me to hide in the toilets
The yellow slips
Killing far too many ghouls before I realised that Samuel had ensnare
The vampire fight - I still ache even now
Eich: it's fine, nothing here to worry about at all: then walking round the corner to be faced with a wraith doing power 7, and realising that in the state of mind I was in, I HAD to check it for disguise...
Farakeen as the undead dance master

Many thanks to Seb and Jem for dreaming this up
Thanks to the monsters for enacting it (even Chris statted as an "overenthusiastic monster"!)
Thanks to the players for being wonderful
And many, many thanks to my wife and daughter for the food and housekeeping - you made me proud!
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Re: Solstice thanks!

Postby Mook » Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:42 pm

Thank you very much Seb and Jem as well as to all of the monsters that have made a very memorable Solstice Game.

Best bits:

Bear's beer grenade
Making up the battleboard
Pondering which rules to make up
The collective plot making up - how much could we damage the world?!
Playing up to the monsters with good natured insults and banter.
The WTF conversations on the Friday night :?:
Carol and Hannah cooking and providing a sumptuous meal on Saturday with more cake than even I could handle!
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