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Scary-ass looking page after posting as a character

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Scary-ass looking page after posting as a character

Postby sebsmith » Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:08 pm

OK, Just to forwarn people, there may be occasions where, when you post to the in-character forums as a character, you get a page that looks like a load of weird computer code with a white background. this is nothing to fear! You haven't broken anything and it's not your fault!

Sometimes webmonkey needs to check what information is being sent when you hit the post button, and this is just a readout of the stuff going on in the background. Your post will have been received as expected and posted to the forums. Just press the back button twice, and then refresh the page, and you'll see your post there!

It's unlikely to happen (I've locked the function to coder level users only) but thought I'd warn people, just in case it happens to you! :D
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