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April Event thanks

PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:58 pm
by Torirat
I said it on the event but wanted to add it here too.
Massive thanks to all the monsters and to the refs for such an enjoyable event. I've had a long break from playing and it was great to get into it with a new character (even if I did almost shout muffy's vocals out more than once!)
Highlights : being very rude and completely disgusting whilst well out of the earshot of the baron ( can't help myself I'm such an anarchist)
Spending time with 4/5ths of a hepath, who were all lovely even the evil one
Long discussions with Jo about all the horrid things that can happen if you are constipated for a while ( don't ask her, it's disgusting)
Stabbing Klaus a little bit
Actually getting an in combat throat slit off for the first time ever.

Stupid body preventing me from running away

Awesome fun!