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Keeping the Peace Thanks

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Keeping the Peace Thanks

Postby sebsmith » Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:17 am

So, I would just like to extend my thanks to Luke, Andy, and their team of monsters! It was clear that a huge amount of effort had gone into both the planning and the execution of an event which I thoroughly enjoyed! I liked Oakraven as a venue (though I think we need to use it for very specific events, since events will need to be planned to meet the strengths and challenges which it presents) and would happily use it again.

Favourite bits:

  • Axel Schaeffer - This was one of my favourite encounters of all time! Really nicely built up player driven encounter, with great roleplaying from monsters and other players. Gave the Squogres the opportunity to think creatively and a great chance to show their more chaotic and violent side! :)
  • The night encounter with Movay Lispray - This was really atmospheric, and gave us a good push!
  • Crawling around in the undercrofts
  • Elliott's 15 minute suicide at the end
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Re: Keeping the Peace Thanks

Postby Alex » Wed Apr 29, 2015 4:04 pm

Thank you Luke and Andy for a brilliant event.

Lots of atmospheric encounters. The Saturday night Moyve Lispre fight in the field of smoke was brilliant then the epic fight in the house was just AWESOME!

The ninjas in the crawl space and being chased out of the bedroom by a knife wielding Luke was great fun.

Some nice Squogre plot with Axel schaffeur and the possibility 'Mum' may be found!

The site itself I thought was brilliant. Very in character with some excellent facilities. It'll be good to see if you can use the forest up the road for other events. This place is perfect for certain events.

Lots of positives and brilliant encounters. Looking forward to the next installment!
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