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Solstice thanks

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Solstice thanks

Postby m!g » Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:14 pm

I'd like to thank Alex, Tori, Seb, Jane and the twins for a highly entertaining Solstice event.

Highs for me:
- The new layout for Consall with banqueting table
- The food - Wunderbar! Thank you Tori and sous chefs
- The games...I am worried about the sanity of whoever came up with those game cards.
- Beating up the wildlife, beating up the locals and then watching as the party allowed them to be locked up in the cellar...whoops
- Being "whited up" in record time with Seb accusing me of enjoying it too much
- The cellar...oh my god the cellar was cool :o
- The party saving my arse - brought a lump to my throat to be an auxiliary. I'm sure there will be lots of repercussions
- The final twist with the Heirophant
- Members of Angel's family being resurrected

- Finding out Angel is now related to Da Coal...how did that happen Tori?
- Losing my voice...like completely! I have been whispering all day!
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Re: Solstice thanks

Postby bitofall » Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:39 pm

I'd like to thank everyone involved in an incredibly enjoyable event, it was awesome :D .

Highs for me:
- The new layout for Consall with banqueting table
- The food - Thank you for the excellent meals provided and to Mig for providing the 7.5kg of pure delicious
- The games - I'll be honest, I didn't get a couple of the references, being so new to the system but it showed that with some ingenuity cards against humanity can be made to fit any situation xD
- Rockhead risking life and limb for a tankard of beer, for some reason that really tickled me
- The tension caused by seeing things tip over and float around, despite being able to see the all black person responsible
- The cellar, it was so very cool and I loved it.
- Seeing Angel so happy with his family (guess even OOC I'm at least a bit of a goody sap :P)

- being in fights that with very few exceptions put me out of order with a broken limb in a single blow
- getting a bad stomach on Sunday, meaning I couldn't enjoy the amazing breakfast or properly participate
- Having Angels house pop my cherry with an almost tender touch of death and the subsequent laying on the floor with all 3 layers of clothing soaking through
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