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June Thanks

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June Thanks

Postby Alex » Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:00 pm

Hello everyone,

A post to say a huge Thank you! to all the monsters, refs, players and Seb.

It was a hectic, fun and plot filled event.

there were a load of laughs during the course of the event.


The wedding - Ode to Rik Mayall, so awful it was brilliant. trying to keep a straight face was so difficult.

Shatterstorm battle, seeing everyone getting stuck in.

Movaylispri's surprise box for the party and Muffy waiting till everyone else had gone ahead to open it alone ;)

the GUFF diploming an elemental mission and the report of tell 'G' his weapons are crap....

filling the water bombs without a tap near by. 5 bottles of water and several wet faces later...

Strange and Worrall recruiting some of the party to join their tour. (Contracts to follow)

As always the off the cuff moments make the events even more enjoyable.

Thank you all again!
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Re: June Thanks

Postby Dave M » Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:12 pm

Thanks again Alex,

Without a doubt the highlight for me in an event filled with highlights was Dorian's mother attending the wedding. She was exactly how I imagined her... absolutely terrifying!

Angels and Demons was awesome as expected - big thanks to Mig and Tom for all the time and money they sunk into it. It was greatly appreciated.

The encounters was really good (as you would expect with a whole monster group of refs) and the RP fantastic as usual.. We are an amazing group of people!

I liked the murder plot - it was really well thought out - even though IC Dorian could never stand a chance as a sleuth!

Great fun!
Dave M
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Re: June Thanks

Postby Tomothy » Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:04 am

Was much fun.

Thank you for letting us run a bar (ish). Was most enjoyable.

Highlights included:
- The Shatterstorm fight.
- The unveiling of the murderer.
- The non-violent protest wall of goblins, who were all non-violently put down, and then horribly murdered.
- Jem as the fire elemental. Full marks to the chap for his dedication!
- The wedding
- Muffy waiting till every one had buggered off before opening the 'wedding present'.
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Re: June Thanks

Postby AndyK » Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:11 am

Many thanks to Alex and everyone else involved in a hugely enjoyable event!
Highlights include but were not limited to the following:
Friday night hunts in the dark - Lurgo has Night Moves, unfortunately Andy does not...
The wedding
The wedding!
The coming Storm and subsequent awesome fight
Trying to keep the party alive
The rolling tough fights Sunday morning followed by the non-violent protest - brilliant!
Many thanks
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