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Quid Pro Quo - Thanks

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Quid Pro Quo - Thanks

Postby Jem » Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:03 pm

I would very much like to extend my deep thanks to all of my crew this weekend for their very hard work. They had to not only put up with my ongoing plot craziness, but also a few alterations to the plot due to locations I had planned for encounters being occupied by small scouty things. The Monsters worked very hard - especially on Saturday where we seemed to be out all day...
My monsters were great sports and I really enjoyed all of the nuances they brought to the encounters.
Thank you guys.

A big thanks to Luke as my Ass. Ref, for all of your constructive suggestions and support & despite some difficult car issues - still managed to get there!

Well done to the party - you kept your spirits up despite the sound beatings you received & prevailed in the end! I thought you gelled really well as a group and I certainly enjoyed interacting with you.
I apologise again for having to cut short the debrief - I didn't even hang around for the usual squabblings. I look forward to hearing your comments & critiques of the weekend. (and hearing who got what)

I liked:
The Celts
The Dinner
the weather
hearing the general party ideas on WTF was going on - highlighted by flow charts

I did not like so much:
realising the overland was about an hour too long
being exhausted before the event began
somebody stealing an hour from me.


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Re: Quid Pro Quo - Thanks

Postby Alex » Mon Mar 31, 2014 2:40 pm

Thank you Jem and Luke for a packed event. I didn't feel we were left alone or were without something to do. Lots of plot to take in and try and work or bits and pieces as we went.

No complaints at all here. Brilliant event.


Luke as the tormented spirit who wanted to make a flash suit or of us girls. .. well done Luke that nearly topped Cookie
Mad Luke and the barrels also fearing for my life add he dragged the barrel I was in close.

The diploming
The fight after talking to the sealfor fellknight bring throat slit into a tree.
Being power gifted by our lovely goblin


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