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Mandatory Training!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:45 am
by sebsmith
Hi guys!

I've just put up the first of 2014's proposed 8 hour events. We're hoping that they'll give people an opportunity to bring along some friends or associates who've never Live Roleplayed before, and as such this 8 hour will be designed around people who are new to LARP, or who want to start a 20 point character from scratch, with none of the usual pre-spending malarky...

The event will also feed directly into Luke's low-level April game so the events taking place on the 8 hour will end with a plot hook into the April event, so that people who start their characters on the 8 hour can then continue them on the April game, already knowing some of the information for the event!

Luke and I have also been working on some "basic archetypes" - pre-made rank 20 characters, with a good balance of skills and a limited set of options, so that 'new larpers' aren't over-faced with complicated character generation, and can just get on with being useful/scared/violent. If you've got friends, relatives, or even somebody who occupies the same padded room as you, then please bring them along to the event...

Also, we're looking for experienced and enthusiastic monsters who can help ease a load of n00bs into LARP by bludgeoning them round the body with weapons... :D

Follow this link to book:

Re: Mandatory Training!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:12 pm
by m!g
Sounds cool and might bring my 13 and 14 year old daughters if I can persuade them...

Do you remember the Basic character from way back when that had the following skills:
30 Life
Single with any weapon (including two handed weapons)
Shield skill
3 magic spell slots of: Shatter or mend
5 points of power: Cure 0
Discern nature of wounds

Might be an idea to re-introduce the BASIC character concept as it gives people a little bit of everything to try out. What do you think?

Re: Mandatory Training!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:26 pm
by sebsmith
You've just summarised exactly what we had planned, but with a few modifications! :D

Your daughters, I'm sure would be more than welcome! I take it you won't be playing Angel with them there? ;)

Re: Mandatory Training!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:48 pm
by Mook
If anyone would like a lift to the 8hour game please let me know. I can take 2 people with light kit. and will be travelling up from Andover on Saturday (early 6amish) morning. Happy to accommodate anyone for Friday night if they can themselves down to me. Will pick up from the station! Can also pick up on-route if not too far out of my way. First come first served.