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PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2014 9:34 pm
by sebsmith
As a result of some of the things I will be doing over this weekend, and some evenings next week, you may find sections of the website becoming unstable, or strange bits of code appearing and disappearing... Particularly large sections at the top of the site that look a bit like this:

'user_colour' => 'AA0000', 'user_new_privmsg' => '0', 'user_unread_privmsg' => '0', 'user_last_privmsg' => '1395504602', 'user_message_rules' => '0', 'user_full_folder' => '-3', 'user_emailtime' => '0', 'user_topic_show_days' => '0'

Do not be alarmed or attempt to adjust your set... It's all just part of the webmonkeys slinging their own faeces around their enclosures... :)

Please bear with us...