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November thanks

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November thanks

Postby m!g » Sun Nov 23, 2014 8:05 pm

Wanted to thank Ruth, Katie and Dave for organisation another fantastic mind bender of an adventure.
Also wanted to thank the monsters for their enthusiasm and for not murderising all us players too much.

Highs for me:
- Not knowing who on the council to trust and having a few "Aha" moments as the plot unfurled
- The Illurian vassal troop encounter was epic!
- The Chaos Demon was awesome (can't wait to see the pictures)
- Daniels's den of iniquity
- The smoke and "voices in the dark" bringing to life the dissention and escalating rioting in Magma
- The set dressings (especially the library) and cool touches like the Magma map
- And finally the weather being kind to us - who'd have thought after Friday night

And then there were the lows:
- Valeth being elixired. Valeth being elixired again. Valeth being elixired again, again
- High level party faffing and battleboards taking forever.
- Not getting enough sleep
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Re: November thanks

Postby AndyK » Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:09 am

Can I just say how much I agree with M!g, the role play was eccellent throughout, as were the encounters, A huge thank you to the refs, monsters and other players for a great event.

Chaos Hepath fight
Illurian vassal troops
Trapped sorcerers, rag and string golems and Spellbinder minions
The archives!
If that is what you need to do just to get there, I would NEVER keep a scroll past it's return by date....

Giving an elixir to Val'eth
and again
and again
Feeling helpless in some of the fights - though my shoulder held out well, the only time I hurt it was when I tripped over by the kitchen and banged it on a wall!

Looking forward to January.
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Re: November thanks

Postby Chris » Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:49 am

Just a quick Thanks to add to those above.

Illurian Vassel fight. The light bulb moment when i saw the Tabard on Dave and went on a killing spree. Thanks to the monsters for the good roleplaying and being ok with the multiple nose slits.

I sometimes feel a bit useless in the elemental fights. This is to be expected as a specialized character and adds to the character.

True paranoia hitting me friday night AND BEING RIGHT!

Good friends and great drinks (thanks Seb)

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