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Illurian Movements

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12 Drasaba, 8968 Ta

Source: Heralds

After the battle at Darkwater a large force led by Alundro marched North through Protectorate Lands on the advice of the Auxiliaries they were given free passage to the Darklands border. Sources report that as Alundro's troops moved further into Stygia they were met by a large Illurian force that had moved East from the Enchantican border. A long battle was fought, lighting the sky with explosions, and columns of fire bursting from the clouds toward the ground but then died down and left a blasted and churned up battle field behind. Alundro still pushes the Illurians North. Reports from the Enchantican boarders indicate that the Fae Forest has become inactive leading them to believe that the Illurians are no longer trying to gain entry. An Illurian camp still exists near Enchantica's border but it only appears to house a single detachment. Alundro's forces appear to be setting up an encampment North East of the Haunted Lands and have intercepted groups of Illurians moving South.