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Troop movements

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Source: The Heralds Guild

Reports are being received of three large bodies of 'troops' moving across the lands, heading towards what appears to be Stygia. A very large unit of Mercenaries under the Command of General Arcturo Tyberius from the Western League within the Iron League, over a hundred Drow of House Kuvadra crossing the Haunted Lands within the Darklands and an unknown force of around three hundred men in what appear to be Darkland colours bearing the marks of the Dark Templars heading out from the Chaos Crater. We are unsure as to the reasons for these movements but have reason to believe it is linked to the recent appearance of a large force of Undead near the Haunted Lands and the dark-garbed beings crossing the Iron League/Protectorate border as previously reported. More information will be given as we get it. The Heralds Guild.