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The Dark Parliament

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10 Pavria, 8966 Ta

Source: The Circle of Llolth

For the first time in recent history, we have decided to inform all major powers of Eden of the result of our yearly political meeting; the Dark Parliament. For those of you less informed people, this is where the Rulers of our Nine great Houses decide upon the actions and rankings of individuals of note as well as the heirachy of our Houses. The power of each House is listed in descending order and the first three Houses are all Noble Houses of our peoples: House Valderain - known as Dayblight House Asruvail - known as Daybane House Kuvadra - known as Darklaw House Natothin - known as Bloodpool House Malagon - known as Mindseye House Sharve - known as Honourblade House Elservs - known as Darkened magic House Chagra - known as Dark warning House Durature - known as Ancient blood Houses Malagon and Elservs have risen, whilst Sharve and Chagra have fallen. For the uneducated amongst you, House Durature is the House residing within the Protectorate. Xurian Bloodvesper, third hand of the Dark Council.