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State of emergency

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10 Monsaba, 8966 Ta

Source: Shadyvale Keep

As of midnight tonight, the Unseen University, Cave of Wonders and Sabbath Hill are off-limits due to severe localised disturbances and reports of extreme levels of dangerous magical energies around these areas. We can confirm rumours of fighting occurring at all three sites and have already stationed guards and patrols nearby. Until further notice ONLY authorised personages will be allowed within one half mile of these places and then only under strict guidelines. More information will be provided when we have it, but we have confirmation several Sorcerers were seen fighting dark-garbed figures - and possibly amongst themselves - at each of these sites within the last four hours. Please contact your respective Guilds, Sponsors or Shadyvale Keep for further information. Captain Tandrin Oath-taker, Adjutant to Roary Thunderguts of the Guards, Shadyvale Keep.