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Magical disturbances

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Source: The Unseen University

To all inhabitants of the Protectorate: It has been spoken of for some time, but we can now confirm that magical 'disturbances' are occurring in some southern Provinces as well as in nearby countries. It should be noted these have not proven detrimental in any way and simply seem to be variances in the magical flux and mana flows around us; sometimes resulting in a sensation of being 'pushed' slightly. We are investigating and liaising with our colleagues in Enchantica and Stygia as well as the Iron League and the Elementalist Conclaves in the Oakwoods to determine the source(s) of said 'disturbances'. In the meantime, if you see anyone or overhear anyone complaining they feel they are being 'drawn' in a direction, please report this to the nearest Unseen University representative at the earliest opportunity. On behalf of Moley Flowstone, Head of the Shadyvale Unseen University.