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10 Lepria, 8966 Ta

Source: The Grove

During the start of the Winter season the Grove was forced into closing it's borders to all non-Druids and we understand how the secrecy around this action looks to the rest of the Province. We have now resolved the internal issue and our Groves are once again open to visitors as before. We would like to take this opportunity to advise the local populace and Auxilliaries to be aware that a new addition to our numbers is currently exploring it's new surroundings and, if met, we would take pains to assure you it is best to merely let the Ar-an'a Theia'nar go about it's business. At all times it will be accompanied by at least one or two Druids from one of our sub-sects. If seen alone, please let it continue on it's way and inform a patrol or member of the Grove at the earliest opportunity. The Ar-an'a Theia'nar is easily recognisable due to it's bright green skin, arboreal appearance and occasional sudden bursts of minor vegetative growth in it's vicinity. Cedar Root, Assistant to Bramble.