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Source: The Heralds Guild

Over the last two months we have received news and information about various leaders and important personages within the Guilds and Sects of Shadyvale. As the new year census is almost due, we will take this opportunity to make an official announcement: Sir Thane, Head of the Hand of Good, has officially confirmed his return to the Dreamlands. Athril Godspeed is the current Acting Head. Brother Moses, Head of the Apostles of the Flame and several Priests of the Apostles of the Flame, are confirmed as having been slain at the battle of Darkshadow pass on the Northwestern edge of the Darksun some six weeks ago. Several other notable priests and High priest from the Disciples of Purity are also missing. Mercurious is the current Acting Head of the Apostles of the Flame. Master Vortigen of the Black Blades has been reported missing as he is eight weeks overdue from a, uh, mission in Stygia. Cardinal Scarab has been officially announced dead by the Dark Temple after five plus years of absence. It is unknown as to what happened to him but Lady Castracia De'ath and Sir Thoran De'ath (Head of the Hand of Darkness and Champion of the Dark Paladins respectively) have also been declared dead as they have been missing since the Dark Temple assault on Cult of the Severed Soul forces in the Darksun two years ago. The current Acting Head of the Dark Temple is The Master Seer and Arcturus Shaderender is now the Head of the Hand of Darkness. There is no current news on who is now in charge of the Hammer of Darkness. Crag Deepdelver has returned to the Unified States and Gerhardt von Klinsman is now the Head of the Fist of the Wise. The Heralds Guild