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The Dark Sun

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Source: The Heralds Guild

We have received a statement from the Head Heirophant of Deepfern: "Our thanks go to the members of the Protectorate for their assistance is attempting to cleanse our lands of the horror known as 'the Darksun'. Due to their involvement over the last few months in destroying groups of Necromancers and Undead within that blighted area - and recent massive preparations made within the Deepwoods witnessed by various members of several countries - we are pleased to confirm that the region is slowly returning to normal. We do not expect this to be happen soon and will not state it will ever be the same again, but the forces there and the malevolent power controlling them are moving away or being dealt with. On a related note, we have a statement from the Circle of the Blooded Stag; The Ents march." The Heralds Guild