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Guardian incursions

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Source: The Heralds Guild

No news has reached us for many weeks now of the Guardian incursions into Darklands territory. It is assumed they achieved their objectives and those who transgressed against them have been brought to justice. Delegates from the Pale Duke have been seen travelling into the Haunted Hills over the last month, most likely to apologise or demand reparation for the damage caused - or maybe both. The Guardians recently issued a concerning statement, said to have come directly from the Guardian Lord, Imhet'pah Moon-sceptre: "We, the Guardians of the Ancients, have been instructed to remind the races of the Enclosed Lands that all transgressions against us will be met without mercy or clemency. Delegates from all Countries are welcome to visit our territory if they require clarification of our rules or requests. We also announce our new martial Commander and champion of the Ancients; The Champion of the Ancients, Hero of our peoples, Avatar of Law, The Hand of Justice, Blight of Chaos, Rameses Tuten-ar, Al'Kufu".