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Below are In Character news items. These items consist of rumours floating around the local public houses and dining halls, reports from characters who have been out on missions, news reports released by The Guilds and announcements from The Lord Protector. These In Character news items are of variable trustworthiness, and may be subject to the politics and views of those who publish them.

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10 Vultria, 8966 Ta
We have recently received news from our sources in the Iron League and the Darklands confirming the assassinations of the three following Provincial... Read More
10 Lepria, 8966 Ta
During the start of the Winter season the Grove was forced into closing it's borders to all non-Druids and we understand how the secrecy around this... Read More
9 Cetenari, 8965 Ta
Over the last two months we have received news and information about various leaders and important personages within the Guilds and Sects of... Read More
9 Cetenari, 8965 Ta
We knows a couple of important types has been huntin' fer a fourth fancy lookin' weapon fer their mantlepiece fer some time. We 'eard you'd worked... Read More
9 Cetenari, 8965 Ta
We have received a statement from the Head Heirophant of Deepfern: "Our thanks go to the members of the Protectorate for their assistance is... Read More
9 Grusaba, 8965 Ta
No news has reached us for many weeks now of the Guardian incursions into Darklands territory. It is assumed they achieved their objectives and... Read More
9 Grusaba, 8965 Ta
To all Citizens of the Protectorate: We apologise for the extreme delay in reporting the name of the new Lord Protector. This has been due to... Read More