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Below are In Character news items. These items consist of rumours floating around the local public houses and dining halls, reports from characters who have been out on missions, news reports released by The Guilds and announcements from The Lord Protector. These In Character news items are of variable trustworthiness, and may be subject to the politics and views of those who publish them.

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8 Lupria, 8972 Ta
Report by Sergeant Gummidge relating to the recent Dark Fey activity in Country Clearwater Summary It is with great satisfaction that I can... Read More
5 Lupria, 8972 Ta
Time off in Freefall Manor Ja. OK. So after a summer of various suicide missions I suggested to some ov ze auxiliaries in ze barracks zat maybe... Read More
5 Lupria, 8972 Ta
it was a complete success I led the mission into Stygian lands. In the manner of kings I appointed a fool to pretend he was in charge in case of... Read More
27 Vultria, 8972 Ta
Our Weekend in Stygia - A report by Jack Dawkins (dictated to the Mistwalkers Administration) Those present on the mission: Jack Dawkins... Read More
22 Vultria, 8972 Ta
Solstice with Queen Mab OK - so I haff been asked to write up exactly what happened last Solstice since there were riots in the streets because... Read More
19 Vultria, 8972 Ta
Going to Hell I am reporting back frrom ze latest suicide mission und I am pleased to say zat ve completed ze mission objectives, vich ver as... Read More
19 Vultria, 8972 Ta
Caiso'Tan Ve vere sent by Farakeen Al Aqua to Caiso'Tan to deliver a letter to a pretty trader kalled Ameera. Farakeen is such a nice und... Read More
19 Vultria, 8972 Ta
Ze Vitcheries In summary, ze trip to ze Vitcheries vas a total farce. Ze most junior group of Auxiliaries in ze Protektorate vas dragged togezer... Read More
17 Vultria, 8972 Ta
[Overheard conversation between two fairly drunk Orcs in Angels and Demons] 'Ere! I 'eard that Brian... Son of the Maw... And Muffy... Is... Read More
25 Lepria, 8972 Ta
Howdy, I don’t know rightly how I’m supposed to write one of these here things but ill give it my darndest attempt, as Grammy McCarthy... Read More
25 Lepria, 8972 Ta
Following the deaths of a number of civilians which resulted from the recent Protectorate Peacekeeping mission to The Oakwoods, Corporal Delco (the... Read More
6 Cetenari, 8971 Ta
...well, I 'eard that there's all sorts of things 'itting the ceiling over on the border of The Oakwoods! It were closed a couple o'... Read More
13 Grusaba, 8969 Ta
Protectorate Troops have been mobilised along with a group of soldiers from the Ironleague, along with our allies from Karisen and Caiso'Tan. They... Read More
13 Cygria, 8969 Ta
We will shortly be receiving Envoys from the Triumverate as well as the Oakwoods to discuss our current intervention in Havdan. This is a sensitive... Read More
13 Cortria, 8969 Ta
Greetings all. The Pyramid of light invites all who wish to come to their first festival to celebrate Summer Solstice in Theia's name. The Order... Read More