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Below are announcements made by The Lord Protector. The Lord Protector is in a privileged and trusted position, and is expected to rise above some of the petty squabbles, power-plays and politics which can sometimes characterise the guilds. Announcements from The Lord Protector are likely to be of the utmost importance, and can generally be relied upon to be truthful, unbiased, and balanced.

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10 Pavria, 8966 Ta
We have received solid information that the Lord of Eerie was slain on orders of the Pale Duke, who has cited treason as the instigating factor in... Read More
10 Pavria, 8966 Ta
For the first time in recent history, we have decided to inform all major powers of Eden of the result of our yearly political meeting; the Dark... Read More
10 Monsaba, 8966 Ta
As of midnight tonight, the Unseen University, Cave of Wonders and Sabbath Hill are off-limits due to severe localised disturbances and reports of... Read More
10 Lupria, 8966 Ta
We can now confirm the rumours spreading from the Oakwoods that the statement made at the Winter Solstice by the Circle of the Bloodied Stag was no... Read More
10 Vultria, 8966 Ta
We are announcing the disappearance of Arrus Highbreeze, head of the Air College. The Unseen University is prepared to pay a sum of two hundred... Read More
10 Vultria, 8966 Ta
To all inhabitants of the Protectorate: It has been spoken of for some time, but we can now confirm that magical 'disturbances' are occurring in... Read More
10 Lepria, 8966 Ta
During the start of the Winter season the Grove was forced into closing it's borders to all non-Druids and we understand how the secrecy around this... Read More
9 Cetenari, 8965 Ta
Over the last two months we have received news and information about various leaders and important personages within the Guilds and Sects of... Read More
9 Cetenari, 8965 Ta
We have received a statement from the Head Heirophant of Deepfern: "Our thanks go to the members of the Protectorate for their assistance is... Read More
9 Grusaba, 8965 Ta
To all Citizens of the Protectorate: We apologise for the extreme delay in reporting the name of the new Lord Protector. This has been due to... Read More