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The Silvan Elves

Silvan Elves are universally slender, angular of face, pale or honey-coloured and possessed of pointed ears and a confident nature. In general, they are also all to be considered neutral, if not good. Evil Elves are extremely uncommon and often viewed with suspicion by their own people (note that extremely arrogant and megalomaniacal should not be confused with Evil...)
At one time, from about two thousand to one thousand years ago, Elves would probably have been the most populous humanoid race in the Enclosed Lands, but since then, they have been steadily on the decline, with wars, disease and other factors attributed to their population decreasing by about 2% or so every century. Certainly, whatever had originally motivated the Elven people to reproduce so heavily no longer seems to be important, or they have tired of this world.

The Forest Elves of the Oakwoods are the most populous  accounting for perhaps sixty per cent of the total Elven population base. They are generally goodly beings and prefer to stay in their wooded settlements when possible and dislike leaving the Oakwoods unless for some serious or necessary task or reason. Whilst they get on with humans, they would still prefer to not need to rely on some of them and hate Goblins (and to lesser extent Orcs and Trolls) with a passion. What they think of the Skar Sylvani is near unprintable. As with almost all the Elves of Eden, they have some animosity towards the Dwarves, but this is more towards their rigid beliefs and strict code of laws than anything else. They are fair metalworkers, but excel in agriculture and leather-working, being skilled natural foresters and skirmishers, with a high proportion of their people being able to channel more than simple cantrips when it comes to magical aptitude.

'City' Elves is the term given to those Forest (and some Sea Elves) who have become what is referred to as “humanised”. Almost all Half-elves fall into this category, despite their personal feeling on the matter, or those of their parents, as the settlement as a whole will usually 'encourage' them to go and join their human “kin” once they are of an age. A mix of their own Elven ancestry and human traits leads 'City Elves' to be welcome almost anywhere, including places where perhaps the Wood or Sea Elves might not, and they are careful to learn skills and cultivate attitudes that help them fit into the settlements they have chosen – or been advised – to live in. In general, they are still goodly creatures, but tend towards the side of neutrality when dealing with non-Elves. Although they are often more spiritually inclined than one would expect of a naturally magic-capable race, 'City Elves' they usually account for the highest proportion of Elven magic-users found in positions of authority or power (as opposed to the Wood Elves, who have basically none).