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The Sea Elves

The Sea Elves homeland is a large, bifurcated Island some three hundred leagues South-west of the Eastern League in the Iron League... or it was until the Sundering occurred. Now there are probably less than five hundred of them spread across the Dreamlands, Iron League and the Protectorate, but they are no different to those who disappeared when the world 'moved'. They are still really the most neutral of the Elven peoples and share a kind of kinship with Iron Leaguers for their love of trade and sailing (although they are not so concerned with wealth, simply having luxuries, fine wines, good clothing and plenty of space to relax with these things in).

They make capable Wizards and Sorcerers, usually specialised in Hydromancy or Aeromancy and Geomancers and Pyromancers amongst them are rumoured to not even exist. All of them generally dislike enclosed spaces or going underground for any length of time, and find it more than a little oppressive inside large forested areas.

Sea Elves are the most tolerant of Elven peoples when it comes to Goblinoids as they have to deal with all sorts on occasion when trading, but it's fair to say they wouldn't be found cultivating friendships with them. On the subject of friendships, they tend not to make lasting ones with “land folk”, neither do they tend to enjoy the company of larcenous types, which possibly accounts for why they are very selective in the people they will deal with in the Iron League! Those of their kind who consort with criminals, pirates, Goblinoids and that kind of ilk often find themselves even more alone than usual...