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Elven and Sylvan Peoples

The race of Elves is unique to Eden; Elves are not to be found on Idenia, although individuals with Sylvan features are sometimes born known as 'The Cursed' (see later for more informaition)

Ash Elves There are many clans of Ash Elves to be found amongst the volcanic hills of the neighbouring country of Enchantica.  Little is known of their society, yet members of their people who leave their homes have left their mark not just in Enchantica but in recent years within the Protectorate as well.

Sea Elves The elves of the sea are wild and reckless.  They go where the wind and tides take them, rarely setting foot on land for long.  Following the storms that followed in the cataclysm's wake a small community of Sea Elves has been founded an island settlement along the shores of the Protectorate

Silvan Elves The Elves of the Oakwoods republic are reportedly the most numerous of their kind, yet are scattered so widely that this is hard to verify.  Some few amongst their people have settled in the woods and even the towns and cities of the Protectorate, finding some of the loyalties of family within the Protectorates uniquely inclusive culture.

Skar Silvani The Skar Silvani are an ancient and evil people, originally the jailers of the terrifying Illurian race that was created to dominate the world.  Following the final defeat of this threat, the Skar Silvani are no doubt looking to advantage themselves in this new world.