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Auxiliaries and the Guilds

Many of the most important organisations within the Protectorate are guilds.  To become a member of a primary guild is to be provided with security, training, a job for life, and status within society.  

Trainee Auxiliaries are of great interest to the guilds.  This curious military unit of problem solvers, oddballs and misfits has historically produced exceptional individuals who go on to lead dazzling, if occasionally rather short careers.  Most unguilded auxiliaries are quickly 'snapped up' by one of the primary guilds.  Very few remain unguilded - a hard path to follow, as the unguilded must pay for all their training themselves.  ​​​​For in depth information on each of the guilds see the Guild Handbook.

There are 8 Guilds within the Protectorate, each one with representatives on the ruling council.  Very often it is one of the Guilds which sponsor a mission for the Auxiliaries.





Latest Guild News Lepria 8977 (01/22)

Guild Status News Resources
It is now almost exactly six months after the defeat of the dire hepathic incursion of The Eater of Worlds. Such a lot has changed. The dread nightmares and dark portants that plagued the peoples of Idenia, the crushing cessation of travel due to the Nurglid mummy attacks, the slow death of the War with Enchantica ( it's society seeming to have reverted to the ancient ways of feudal Sorcerer-Barons each encicled by the treacherous Fey Forest). All these threats are now in the past. There is a positive feeling in the air as people prepare for a Solstice worth waiting for. Finally its time has come to really let our hair down and celebrate!
Corwyn's Legion Waxing

After such a long tumultuous period, the Legion is benefiting perhaps more than any other guild from this lull in open hostilities with other nations. While enjoying the repreive, the Legion has not been idle. Patrols along the roads separating the scattered settlement is back to full strength. Parades are resuming with their usual pomp and ceremony, and interestingly, more resources are being channeled into The Legion Scouts, off the growing recogition of the work of some rising stars within the sub-guild. Like Private Chiaroscuro of the Auxiliaries, whose consise, focussed reports have helped dispel the myth that Legion Scouts are lazy tykes who just want to get out of having to polish their boots every day.

1xrestorative tea 48 life,

Loan of empowered/ensorcelled armour/shield

The Fellowship of Axe and Sword Normal

The Fellowship is getting on just fine. while memories of hepathic dangers on the road fade fast, new opportunities are opening up to compensate, in particular a group operating out of the Iron League and trading into Stygia and the Protectorate's newest territory: Amythist Provence, which was carved out of that lawless territory.

3xpoulitices 12 life
The Mistwalkers  Normal

The Mistwalkers are in a curious position - while the recovery of Hopton and it's people has seemingly been a great success, rumours coming out of the Merchant Venturers is that stocks of certain potions are running dry. Respected Brother Finny, Guild Head, is expected to release information in the forthcoming days.

The Pyramid of Light Waxing

When the Dark Sanctum is in ascendence the Pyramid of Light is left wrong-footed, but right now the tables are turned. The Dark Sanctum's Eyes are inwards and it's schemes are not bearing fruition. Whilst all the Good Sects are benefitting, The hospital in particular is thriving. The war with Enchantica seem to have fizzled out, the roads are once again well patrolled and relatively safe, and all that can be done has been done for the people Hopton. The hospital is enjoying giving its members the freedom to go out and tend to the needs of the poor all across The Protectorate.

1 long durational bless, 3 empowered bagages, 1xritual scroll
The Halls of Power Normal

Whilst others celebrate the present, those long-sighted priests of The Halls of Power look out upon the greater world and seek patterns in the past and present that may lead to future dangers. The Oakwood's replublic under the tyranical rule of the powerful and mysterious entity Mandolin, and the Chaotic Sealfor in Idenia at large trouble them, as does news of the rise of the use of Necromancy amongst our allies in the desert lands Caisotan and Angelzark in Theia. Karisen is watched warily - a delicate balance of power existed between the Towers for centuries, now greatly upset by the transformation of the Tower of Battle into the Tower of Universiality. Will this new structure have the influence of it's predecessor? Finally, Lycanthopes have been spotted within our borders for the first time in many years, though what this may portent is as yet unknown.

3xrank4 scrolls
The Dark Sanctum Waning

There seems to be no way around the reduction in the duration of harmful invocations. The Seers are scrying everything they can imagine but nothing is to be done. The fact that magic also seems to have been affected makes it likely the result of the calamitous hepathic invasion fought off to the day. While it was indeed magic that made the sacrifice and could be considered the heroes in all this. Fingers are being pointed and alot of dissatisfaction within Guild's membership is dealt with in time honoured fashion - deflection. The Dark Sancturm is quick to capitise on the lack of presence of University guild members due to their recall to Shadyvale, but planting the blame firmly on their heads.

The Groves Waxing 

News of the valiant penultimate-last stand of Muffy the Elf slayer have set leaves a rustling across the Groves and well beyond! Paraded from bar to bar by a rabble of drunken goblinoids things quickly get out of hand and a joyous riot breaks from the slums to the East of the City and shanties to the North right back to the entrance to the lands of The Reservation to the West. Hoisted onto the shoulders of Gurak Half-Giant she gave a rousing speech to the people assembled:

"Da Groves is the best on account of how they let me keep my gnicken and sended me to the bruvverhood so I cud learn all the weird Druid stuff. Everyone shud have tOo bee wiv da nacchure sphere!".

Taking advantage of this upsurge of good will, The Circle of the Greatwoods reopened negotiations with goblinoid leaders to allow the guild access to certain sites of outstanding natural energy within the lands long ago granted to the greenskins.

3xrank4 scrolls, 1x ritual scroll
The University  Waning

The University. Oh dear The University. What is going on there? All the mages have been recalled some time ago for retraining but nothing is going to plan. Many mages can't grasp the new spells they are being asked to learn, others are engaging in endless debates about the nature of the elements, while others just sigh and wait for their turn to study their teaching scrolls. In the mean time the people on the street and in the fields are getting restless. "Where?"... Goes the cry, "are the Pyromancer's to fuel our forges, the Hydromancer to irrigate our fields.. The Aeromancers to transport us and the Geomancers to maintain the roads, the Lumimancers to light our (rich and wealthy people's) homes and the... wait what do the Shadowmancers do to help anyone anyway?". Six months after the calamitous loss of the School of Battle and sympathy and patience is finally running thin.