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The Guilds of Heroes and Heroines LARP


There are 8 Guilds within the Protectorate, each one with representatives on the ruling council.  Very often it is one of the Guilds which sponsor a mission for the Auxiliaries.


Current guild status  06/21

Guild Name Relative Strength News/Explanation
Corwyn's Legion Waxing After a successful mission the Empire have reserved some of the tea supplies reserved for their own troops as a gesture of good will.
Fellowship of Axe and Sword Normal Due to disrupted trade the Fellowship has struggled to maintain the guard work that makes up much of it's income.  Fortunately this has been offset a little by a surge in bloodsports after the disturbing dreams afflicting the entire population.
Mistwalkers Normal

The Mistwalkers have used the lockdown period to strengthen their intelligence network within the Protectorate.  It is due to this that the Dark Sanctum's political moves came to light.  The theif takers have been particularly successful in shutting down members of a hepath worshipping cult, however the ringleaders remain at large.   Mistwalker agents in other countries have begun to get in contact. 

Pyramid of Light Waning With continued lack of contact with the Dreamlands and the fall out of the Dark Sanctum's pre-emptive guild merger that came out of the blue, the Pyramid of Light is investing heavily in it's own restructuring 
The Halls of Power Normal The halls of power are looking inwards at the moment, their members involved in lengthy debates about the nature of power and the guild's changing role.  Ancient Way members have been particularly concerned about the arrival of groups of Ai'Chen Ar'Kae'Ologists planning an expedition into the Haunted Hills. 
The Dark Sanctum Waxing Riding on their successful merger, Dark Sanctum members are invariably very smug at the moment, often pointing out how society has been advanced by THEIR efforts.  The regeneration of Clearwater is being lauded as one of the great success stories of the last decade, and High Priest Anduin of the Pyramid of Light's pivotal role in the process is being downplayed.  There are some stormclouds on the horizon however - there have been alleged sightings of Illurians in Northern Clearwater. 
The Groves Waxing With the disruption of Teleports once more damagining the University's income streams in the grand political game of inter-guild invoicing, the Groves is once more riding high.  The confusion caused to the other guild's by the Grove's constantly changing seasonal administration is also a source of joy to those who see the Groves as an Apex predetor. 
The University Waning The side effects of dangerous light experiments leaking into the general populace have taxed the patience of the High Council.  Research though promising has been scaled back.


Auxiliaries and the Guilds

Many of the most important organisations within the Protectorate are guilds.  To become a member of a primary guild is to be provided with security, training, a job for life, and status within society.  

Trainee Auxiliaries are of great interest to the guilds.  This curious military unit of problem solvers, oddballs and misfits has historically produced exceptional individuals who go on to lead dazzling, if occasionally rather short careers.  Most unguilded auxiliaries are quickly 'snapped up' by one of the primary guilds.  Those who do not fit in, for whatever reason, will most likely find themselves in one of the secondary guilds.   Very few remain unguilded - a hard path to follow, as the unguilded must pay for all their training themselves.


​​​​Updated information on individual guilds to be added soon