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The Guilds of Heroes and Heroines LARP

Auxiliaries and the Guilds

Many of the most important organisations within the Protectorate are guilds.  To become a member of a primary guild is to be provided with security, training, a job for life, and status within society.  

Trainee Auxiliaries are of great interest to the guilds.  This curious military unit of problem solvers, oddballs and misfits has historically produced exceptional individuals who go on to lead dazzling, if occasionally rather short careers.  Most unguilded auxiliaries are quickly 'snapped up' by one of the primary guilds.  Those who do not fit in, for whatever reason, will most likely find themselves in one of the secondary guilds.   Very few remain unguilded - a hard path to follow, as the unguilded must pay for all their training themselves.


The Primary Guilds

There are 8 primary guilds within the Protectorate, each one with representatives on the ruling council.  Very often it is one of the primary guilds which sponsor a mission for the Auxiliaries.

Corwyn's Legion - the guild that represents the standing army of the Protectorate, they train martial warriors, as well as scouts to support their troops.  The other guilds are required by edict to provide full military support to the Legion in times of war.  As you would expect they are highly disciplined and hierarchical.  


The Fellowship of the Sword - Originally founded as a mercenary group providing escorts for caravans to and from the Iron League to the South East, the Fellowship is now a wealthy and wide-reaching organisation of skilled swordsmen and swordswomen, who honour contracts implicitly and pride themselves on their skill and professionalism

The Mistwalkers - a large, generally accepting organisation that teaches a wide variety scouting and survival skills.  They train many herbalists, producing amongst other things, the precious Elixirs that can bring back someone from the brink of death.  Their Thief-takers hunt down wanted criminals, while there is also rumoured to be a group of powerful assassins within their membership...

The University - closely linked to the country Enchantica to the North, where the University also has a powerful political presence, the University is dedicated to learning how to wield the seven elemental magics, and expanding the use and influence of magic within the Protectorate.  Within their libraries great knowledge lies hidden, while few would dare enter the experimental magic department uninvited.

The Hand of Good - Originally founded by missionaries from the Dreamlands to the East, the Hand of Good is a priestly organisation dedicated to promoting the benevolent tenets of the Good Sphere and opposing and marginalising Evil organisations with the Protectorate, and their vile philosophies of self interest and oppression.  They have Path, Anti-Evil and Anti-Undead sects.  They are closely associated with an Anti-Evil Paladin guild, The Order of The Cleansing Flame.

The Dark Temple - The Dark Temple was founded by a group of Evil power users dedicated to the expansion of the Protectorate and the opposition of the damagingly soft internal policies extoled by Good priests.  They have Death, Anti-Good and Seer sects.  The Dark Temple also has an Anti-Good Paladin guild - The Dark Paladins, and its own private army - The Blackguard.

The Wise Ones - The primary organisation connected to the Neutral Sphere within the Protectorate, the Wise Ones' concern themselves greatly with the rule of law and ensuring that justice is done.  Predating the Hand of Good and the Dark Temple, the Wise Ones seek to minimise the disruptive influence of their unbalanced views.  They have Offensive and Defensive sects.  They are closely associated with an Offensive Neutral Paladin guild, the Templars Martial.

The Circle of the Greatwoods - The primary guild dedicated to the Nature Sphere within the Protectorate, this secretive organisation has druidic sects dedicated to each of the four seasons of nature.  Only recognised as a Primary guild in the past couple of years, the country's recent reliance on druidic 'tree-shifts' has greatly increased the guild's political influence and involvement.  


Secondary Guilds

Secondary guilds are generally smaller, less political and less restrictive to their members than the Primary Guilds.  They do however often have less resources to spare for their auxiliaries.

Gotrek's Company - A mercenary company of warriors, often with less scruples, discipline or personal habits than either the Fellowship of the Sword or Legion would tolerate.

The Blackguard - The Dark Temple's private army of guards.  Goodly people need not apply.

The Covens - Less an organisation, more a collective of individuals who wish to follow their own magical researches or studies without being dictated what to learn and when by the University.

The Sacred Heart - A small organisation whose members believe that service to the Good Sphere and performing goodly acts is an end unto itself.  They have an anti-undead specialist sect, which is closely associated with an Anti-Undead Good Paladin Guild - The Order of the Divine Light.

The Hospital - Dedicated purely to the healing arts, and the Good Sphere, Hospitalers refuse to cause direct harm to others.  Despite this one can still find them bolstering Protectorate troops in battle.

The Ancient Way - An extremely old organisation of neutral priests with a strong link to the natural world and a largly apolitical viewpoint.  They have Offensive and Defensive Neutral sects, but also have links with The Groves such that path Nature may be taught to interested members.

The Sanctum - The sanctum don't really care what you use your power for, assuming that if you want evil power in the first place you're probably going to use it for your own ends - which is what the Sanctum promotes.  They have Death and Seer sects.

The Paladin Guilds - There are four knightly orders within the Protectorate.  All happen to be paladin guilds (i.e. associated with spiritual powers).  whilst each ardently defends the opposing views of their associated priestly guilds, they all must also strictly adhere to the ancient and honourable Code of Chivralry.


Tertiary Guilds

Tertiary guilds are non-military organisations which are permitted to accept members of primary and secondary guilds.  They include the fiscally minded Merchant Adventurers, the information-gathering Heralds, and the elite Protectorate Rangers.