Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplay (Larp/LRP)

A UK Live Roleplaying Group Based in The West Midlands


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Fri 21 Feb - Sun 23 Feb 2020

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Low (~2 - 20)

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We have... A problem... A great big teleporting, lightning bolt throwing, war starting, Artemis shaped problem...

He's been more and more bored by being Lord Protector lately, and unexpectedly a day ago he just... Snapped... He declared that he was sick to death of all this “namby pamby paperwork and talking about problems, and he was damned well off to get involved in a bit of real action!” He said something about ‘dropping the hammer and dispensing some in-dis-criminate justice! then he just... disappeared off…

Obviously we've tried our best to find him... We think he's either in Enchantica or in The Razoredge Mountains, since those are the most likely places... You inexperienced auxiliaries are to accompany a group of high level auxiliaries who are equipped and experienced enough (hopefully!) to diffuse whatever Artemis is up to and bring about a sound diplomatic solution with any of our allies (or not-allies) who Artemis is busy upsetting, riling up or otherwise sticking his boot into.

Your job is a simple one: Do whatever you are told by The High Level Auxiliaries you are accompanying. Your mission is to be skivvies, as your rank and lack of experience dictate. They may task you with information gathering, patrol work, or dealing with minor issues which are distracting them from their main mission of finding out what our... glorious leader... is up to... and what they can do to prevent it from developing into yet another unnecessary war. Follow their orders. Be polite. Don’t cause any more trouble. For the love of the spheres let’s just get Artemis back before he can take us to war with anybody else!

Event Location

Forest Scout Camp, Birchwood, Kennel Lane, Sandiway, Northwich, Cheshire. CW8 2E

This venue is a Scout Camp (Building)

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