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The Will and the Way

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Fri 12 Jul - Sun 14 Jul 2019

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Mid to High R40-100

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A strategic plan to counter the Hepath invasion.

The portals laced with Necromantic or Hepathic energy are proving too difficult to defend against; following a series of major losses the Protectorate Council have authorised direct action to limit the effectiveness of these portals.
A reliable source has offered the location of one of the stronger portals - the now defuct Way to the Dreamlands. 

How has it remained open and what has come through?...
Close this construct and help strike an important victory in our wars with Enchantica, Malice and the outer plane of the Hepaths!

We need experienced Auxiliaries who know this area with a can-do attitude. This must not fail.

Event Location

Rough Close Scout Campsite Tanners Lane Berkswell

This venue is a Scout Camp (Building)

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On site kitchen, showers and toilets

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