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Shaving Brian's Privates

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Fri 18 Aug - Sun 20 Aug 2017

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Any - Orcs Only

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Several years ago, Brian (Son of The Maw… And also Muffy) was born… His birth heralded peace and prosperity for almost nine seconds, before he murdered his guards and disappeared into the night…

Nothing was heard from Brian for years after that, but recently, rumours have surfaced of a curious, Orcish creature declaring itself to be The Messiah, and building armies of frothing lunatics in the Shifting Sands region of Caiso ‘Tan. Rumour has it that he is trying to create ‘One Kingdom Under the Maw’, and has summoned Goblinoid kind from across Eden and Idenia to throw off their bonds and join him in awakening the Gaping Maw to bring about The End of Times…

Goblinoids from across Eden have been rumbling (and not in the usual ways…) both in support of Brian’s Caliphate, and in opposition. Many have left in the dead of night to join and fight for his cause, while many others consider him to be a dangerous lunatic who must be stopped.

Formally, The Protectorate is neutral on the subject of awakening The Gaping Maw and ending the world in a blood soaked orgy of death and consumption, but behind the scenes there is substantial concern… Enough concern, in fact, that it is felt necessary to assemble a covert group of Goblinoids and Orcs, to undertake a black ops mission to stop Brian from ending the world as we know it… We can’t guarantee success… We can’t guarantee survival… But we can guarantee brutal violence in a far flung foreign land outside of the usual rules of engagement…

The mission is a maniac…

Event Location

Shining Cliff Hostel Jackass Lane Ambergate Derbyshire

This venue is a Hostel

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Travel light! You can't take cars up to the hostel so you have to carry everything down the dirt path. Just make sure you've got easy access to your walking boots for the trek.

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